Examples of Past Projects


  • Full-scope residential inspections and quality control for managed repair projects to support all manner of real estate transactions involving private, REO, property sales and rental units. For example, calling out safety defects like obsolete or missing smoke detectors; arranging for a repair cost proposal from a referred contractor; inspecting the completed work and submitting documentation to support closing on time. Yes, it is possible to defer payment to closing--an extra added benefit of using our service.
  • Extensive assistance to personal representative with a transitioning, elderly family member.  Services included: large-scale trash clean-up; personal property inventory, packing, and shipment; and home repairs and repainting to support listing or renting.
  • Provided specialized building condition inspections, with repair cost estimates, to assist in short sale negotiations, landlord-tenant disputes, insurance claims disputes, contractor disputes, and divorce litigation.  We also have performed punch list inspections for owners of new construction or extensively renovated homes.
  • Performed thorough inspections on non-traditional properties--including mobile homes, log cabins, and cordwood constructed homes.

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